Open Enrollment can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the resources required to get all the paperwork submitted, rally the employees, explain all the changes (not to mention the probable increase in payroll deductions), and get everything in on time.

If you are an employer setup on a “private exchange”, you may find your broker spending less and less time helping with enrollment, and you spending more time entering all the data yourself.

We won’t leave you hanging.

Communication is Key

We will help your group from start to finish. Some of the things we’d like to highlight here:

  • Software is not a suitable replacement for Open Enrollment Meetings

There is no substitute for the old “get everyone in a room” philosophy. It not only allows everyone to get on the same page, it also allows everyone to learn from the experience of others. We’ve come into employer groups where everyone is in the dark about their benefits, and after a few short years of annual renewal meetings, the employees themselves are subject matter experts when it comes to their benefits. The ability to have everyone grow, learn, and know how to use their benefits effectively is crucial to keeping happy employees.

  • 1 on 1 employee meetings are just as important

In addition to group employee meetings, 1 on 1 enrollment meetings with employees is something we stress highly, due to the fact that not all questions can be answered in a group setting (think HIPAA). Also, each employee will have different needs and family circumstances. Employee A may be single and have no need for vision, dental, or a flex account, while Employee B may have a full family and need all of the above. Therefore, it is important that during years where carriers are being changed, or ancillary lines are being added, that we meet 1 on 1 with those employees to make sure they are enrolled in the best benefits package for their circumstance, and understand how to use those benefits effectively.

  • We help take the burden off of Human Resources

In many instances, HR personnel have a full plate of work in addition to guiding their employer group through the open enrollment season, whether it’s running payroll, hiring/termination duties, employee meetings, etc…so we try to “lessen the load” so to speak, so that you can focus on running and managing your business. We handle all aspects of open enrollment, from comparisons of upcoming plans/rates, group meetings, 1 on 1 meetings, application submissions, group/employee follow up, setup of your online dashboard, formalize compliance documents, update payroll deductions, cancellation of your old insurance carrier, etc…let us help do the heavy lifting when it comes to the tedious stuff; it’s what we do.

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