Along with medical insurance options, vision and dental insurance are very popular benefits, typically voluntary, for an employer to offer their employees. For most vision plans, a group plan can be implemented with only 2 enrolled, where as dental is usually 3 employees.



Vision insurance offers very low monthly rates combined with discounts at both in and out of network vision providers. All of our vision plans come with anti-reflective, scratch-resistance coating, and no line bifocals. You can choose from a large selection of frames from many participating and non-participating providers, along with discounts on contact lenses if that’s your need.

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Much like vision insurance, dental is another benefit that can be employee or employer paid, and offers copay’s and discounts on certain procedures up to an annual maximum amount. While the premium for a dental plan is more expensive than a vision plan, the coverage amounts are also greater.

Another similarity between our vision and dental plans is that you can use both in and out of network providers and still get the same benefit. The only difference would be fees at the time of service: non-participating providers would require the difference between their fee schedule and the insurance coverage paid at the time of service (balanced billing).

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Pediatric Dental


Pediatric services, including oral and vision care are among the ACA’s 10 essential health benefits— also known as EHBs, these are a set of healthcare services categories that must be included in all major medical health insurance plans sold through the state-based and federally facilitated exchanges as well as in the private market.

Because it is an essential health benefit, dental coverage must be available to children 18 and younger as part of a health insurance plan or as a standalone plan.

Parents are not required to buy dental insurance for their kids—it is optional for everyone and there is no penalty for going without it; however, as mentioned above, it may be part of a health insurance plan.

*The coverages listed in the sidebar are for example only, and are subject to the actual contracts and summaries of coverage listed in your policy or certificate from the insurance carrier. The listed “example policies” that are shown on our website may be materially different or incorrect from actual policies. These examples are for illustration purposes only.