Payroll Services

Integrated Benefit Solutions provides online payroll, outsourced payroll processing, tax processing services, administrative services, HR and other payroll related services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) throughout Western NY. The highlights of our payroll services are outlined below:

The Perfect Combination of Technology, Service and Price


Flexible & Reliable

Our payroll software platform and service options are flexible to meet your specific needs. When it comes to payroll, one size does not fit all, and we make sure yours fits just right. With the legalities of managing a workforce, and ever changing federal,  state and local taxes, you need the right payroll solution. Not just an  online calculator provided by your bank, or something from a cold  calling sales rep. We’re all about giving you an accurate personal,  hassle-free, online payroll experience. Shop the big payroll names, or check out online players that are limited as to what they can do. To us, neither feels right. The big guys are often impersonal or expensive, and the others feel “less than” full-service.


Safe & Secure

With more than 25 years in the payroll service industry, you can feel at ease that your payroll and taxes are done right. Your sensitive data is protected utilizing the latest security methods and cloud technology. We offer many convenient and affordable ways to collect employee time that can be set up in minutes: web based, PIN#, badge swipe, proximity card, key fob, finger print biometrics or mobile app.


Save Time & Trouble

Automated time systems help you cut and manage labor costs, reduce human errors and help streamline the payroll process. Spend less time on administrative tasks and spend more of your valuable time on building your business. Our straightforward and affordable pricing lets you know exactly what your monthly costs will be. We have different solutions available so you can be assured that yours will be the ideal mix of features and ease of use for your small to mid-size business.

What We Offer

  • Sophisticated payroll for 1-250+ employees
  • No Touch Tax management & payroll experts
    to help you
  • Assisted enrollment that gets you started fast
  • Online employee self-service to get pay stubs, W-2’s & more
  • Management self-service to access data and reports
  • HR Management
  • Print checks at your location or Go Green with paperless payroll
  • Multiple methods for pay data entry or time imports
  • Full-Service Payroll options
  • and much more…

The success of your business is first and foremost on our minds. A significant portion of our job is to LISTEN and understand your needs and requirements. We have the intellectual capital, product and service knowledge and corporate commitment to support all your employer and employee administrative needs.

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Commitment to Customer Service

Our customer base is absolutely our most strategic and valued asset. Our company is built on the philosophy of providing dedicated, professional and consistent service in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. We strive to prove our commitment each and every day through our actions of providing accurate, quick and thorough responses to customer’s requests in an individualized and friendly manner.

Online. Not On Your Own

Whether you’re a new business just getting started, an existing business with traditional payroll issues, or a fast growing team with  sophisticated needs, we’ve got the right solution. The key is assistance. As much or as little as you like. Enroll online, or off load the work to our helpful enrollment team. We have a wide variety of businesses who use our payroll expertise and cloud based payroll software platform to pay their employees and meet tax compliance needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your payroll and related HR, time & attendance, retirement plan or worker’s comp needs.

Please contact us today to see how we can help streamline your business