Online Client Dashboard

Our Benefits/HR/Compliance Dashboard gives you the power of a human resources staff at your fingertips….free!

Benefits Dashboard

Our system was built in-house, from the ground up, using the latest front-end and back-end web technologies. We also use API’s from several different platforms, including Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Weather Underground, and many more, allowing us to keep our technology current and our costs low. This allows us to give these great services to you, the employer, free of charge. We do not pass the costs onto the employer via monthly service charges or inflated compliance fees. We simply want our employer groups to be able to grow and save money while still providing excellent benefits to their employees.

Keeping track of benefit changes year to year can be difficult. For community rated groups, changing insurance carriers year to year is very common due to the rate increases and plan changes as carriers compete for business. Our system helps keep track of those changes by automatically updating documents, benefit summaries, group paperwork, regulatory changes, you don’t have to. Here are just some of the features:

  • Information Panel – keep your company & employee info accurate and up to date
  • Current Benefits w/ Document Library – as you change benefit plans/carriers, your documents will be updated automatically (i.e. benefit summaries, applications, HIPAA forms, etc…)
  • Rates, Comparisons, & Submissions – track all documents related to your plan year
  • Issue Tracking – track updates to group/employee issues as they are resolved with the various vendors
  • HR & Health News – view the latest HR & Health news from SHRM and US News
  • Payroll & Holiday Calendar – keep up to date with a handy payroll and holiday calendar
  • News, Weather, US Markets – top headlines, location based weather, and market info feeds Can also tie into your current retirement/401(k) provider
  • Compliance – we keep you up to date on all the changing legislation with alerts, newsletters, and articles

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Compliance & hr360

Here are some features of our Compliance Area (Integrated with hr360)

  • Required signage – view your required signage (FMLA, OSHA, EOE)
  • ACA FTE Calculator – calculate how many Full-time equivalents your company has using our FTE calculator
  • ACA documents – view up to date charts on ACA & new Federal Overtime requirements
  • Summary Plan Descriptions – if you order an SPD from us, it will be uploaded here along with any other documents pertaining to ERISA (i.e. Summary of Modification upon renewal)
  • Premium only plans – if you order a Section 125 plan from us, or you already have one, you can send it to us for review and we will upload it in this section
  • IRS reporting requirements – based on your group size our system will determine if you are required to do extra reporting on your health plan to the IRS
  • State Law requirements – our system automatically pulls up the latest State Law and healthcare reform updates for your review
  • hr360 Single sign-on – the hr360 service is already integrated into our software

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Security Features

  • Single sign-on (1 login for everything)
  • IP restricted system: Our system is IP based. We use your corporate IP address in our firewall to ensure bad actors cannot access the system. Only whitelisted IP’s are allowed; all others are restricted.
  • Secure Connection: Our server uses a secure SSL certificate which employs 128 bit encryption
  • Physical Security: Our server farm is monitored 24/7 via closed circuit TV with DVR backup
  • Data Security: Onsite and offsite data backups are created incrementally with full backups daily

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