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Vince Luce

Vince Luce Administrator & Village Clerk - Village of Westfield


“Donna Thompson and the folks at Integrated Benefits Solutions (IBS) have assisted me and my management team at the Village of Westfield for almost 20 years. Among other things, IBS continuously helps us weave through the regulations and the requirements and at all times they’ve been able to help us maintain excellent health insurance coverage at very affordable levels. We view our commitment as two-fold: we want to keep and retain great employees but at costs that our community can live with. Donna and her team help us bridge that ever widening gap every year.”

Laura Shearer

Laura Shearer HR Administrator - Renold Incorporated


"Integrated Benefit Solutions has worked with Renold Inc. for many years. We are a heavy manufacturing company located in Westfield, NY, with about 80 full time employees. Donna and her staff are dedicated and efficient with shopping the market each year to make sure we are getting the best coverage and rates for our employees. They make you feel like you are their only client and respond quickly to questions. I would recommend Integrated Benefit Solutions to any company that is looking for this type of service."

Tammy McCool

Tammy McCool Administrator - WCA Home


"The WCA Home is a Not for Profit, Assisted Living Facility. We employ around 40 individuals. Remaining affordable while meeting our Mission has become challenging as cost continue to rise. Health insurance is one of those benefits the WCA Home is committed to offer our dedicated staff. Through the help, guidance, assistance and expertise of Donna Thompson, the WCA Home saved greatly by going with Integrated Benefit Solutions. Their willingness to meet with every employee, to find what coverage fits their needs best, was a huge benefit for the WCA Home's administration staff! I highly recommend Integrated Benefit Solutions for all your health insurance needs."

Jeffrey McCheskey

Jeffrey McCheskey Executive Director - Jamestown Housing Authority


"Taking advantage of Integrated Benefit Solutions' expertise in the health and wellness area is, by far, the best money we've "never" spent. I just wish Donna and her staff were available for the rest of life's bumps in the road!"

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